Ecological Transition

We guide the Ecological Transition of companies and industries.

We seek a future of sustainable companies, consequently, we want to be the perfect partner for our clients, helping them to improve the quality of the air, water and disinfection of their spaces and surfaces so that it is not only optimal, but also innovative, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.

Saving energy.

  • Reduced consumption of electricity, gas and water.

Optimising resources.

  • Savings on machinery, replacements and maintenance.
  • Reduced wear of surfaces and textiles.
  • Recycling and eco-design of packaging.

Reducing Pollution.

  • Reduced toxic discharges.
  • Responsible use of chemicals.
  • Decreased CO2 emissions.

Our purpose is to improve people’s quality of life through their spaces.

In this reality, it is increasingly important to protect our spaces for them to take care of people reliably and safely. Through our [i]solutions, we guarantee bio-healthy spaces with:

Surfaces and clothing that are disinfected and decontaminated 24/7.

Air that is always clean and purified.

Clean, treated water with responsible consumption.

Seal that endorses our respect for the environment, guaranteeing a 2nd life for our packaging through recycling and eco-design.

International certification from AITEX (textile research institute) that certifies that our laundering system, [i]laundry, follows an environmentally-sustainable and eco-technology process, without losing quality in the production process.

National certification, regulated by the Ministry of Health, that accredits our experience as a supplier in the supply of bactericide, virucide, fungicide and pesticide products.

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