Asepsis of textiles.

Our specialised solutions for textiles, in which we apply prolonged microbicidal coatings (endorsed by the CSIC) to guarantee that work clothes, decorative textiles, bed linen and the insides of shoes, helmets and gloves stay clean and disinfected for longer.


The innovation behind our [i]clothes solutions.

Hydrophobic and oleophobic nanolayers.

This material protects textiles through the application of a nanolayer or surface coating. Its main contribution is to prevent liquids from penetrating the pores, to provide a repellent effect on water and other liquids, such as wine, coffee, oils, urine etc.

Asepticae Textil coatings.

A solution with microbicide that prolongs asepsis in textiles of all types of fabrics for up to 5 washes, such as self-disinfecting masks and other biocidal textiles: uniforms, decorative textiles, bed linen etc.

This coating eliminates odours and disinfects, thereby avoiding unnecessary laundering.

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With the antimicrobial protector, endorsed by the CSIC, we prolong the asepsis of all types of fabrics by 99.84% up to the fifth wash and it is capable of lasting up to 30 washes with an average microbial reduction of 96%.

It consists of a formula of inorganic salts and anionic surfactants, which inhibits microbial growth in the textiles treated, whether in clothing, inside shoes, inside helmets or gloves. With ionic silver (Ag+) as an active ingredient, a highly effective, natural and broad spectrum antimicrobial, recognised and safe for human contact.

Benefits of our [i]clothes solutions.

  • Proven efficacy against viruses and bacteria (H1N1, MRSA, listeria, legionella, e-coli, salmonella etc.)
  • Non-migratory antimicrobial effects.
  • Increases the bioprotection levels of any textile.
  • Avoids unnecessary laundering, thereby saving energy and resources (water, electricity, gas) and reducing CO2 emissions from electricity generation and the discharge of microplastics into rivers.
  • The antimicrobial effect is maintained on treated clothing even after 5 washes with a bacterial reduction of 99.94%.

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