Efficient laundering system.

Our GMG laundering system©, certified with the ECO-TECHNOLOGY seal, achieves an efficient laundering process that does not generate ozone (O3) and optimises all resources: water, time, chemicals, temperature to save energy and water consumption, and reduce pollution from discharges.

This system is based on nanotechnology capable of reducing consumption by up to 65%, optimising the washing cycle so that it takes 22 minutes using a temperature of only 30ºC and achieving total disinfection of clothing. Find out much more about its cost-effectiveness and sustainability here.


A system endorsed by AITEX with ECO-TECHNOLOGY certification.

The international ECO-TECHNOLOGY certificate from AITEX (Textile Research Institute) guarantees that our laundering system complies with an ecological and environmentally-sustainable technological process, obtaining cleaning results comparable to a traditional process, but with significant savings on water consumption, energy consumption and process time.

To do this, our system has been subjected to verification testing and verification of the washing and disinfection processes through the use of water previously treated by photocatalysis. Would you like to know what ECO-TECHNOLOGY certification involves and why it is so important? Find out here.


We customise our system so that you achieve an optimal and efficient laundering process.

  • We can provide the necessary chemicals for any laundering processes.
  • We conduct regular reviews of all installed devices, measuring all the parameters that affect the laundering process.
  • We take care of the complete installation of the system in 4-5 hours per washing machine, free of charge. 
  • Our devices, whether for dosing chemicals or conditioning water, are adapted to any space, and can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Benefits of our efficient laundering system.

  • Time savings, shortening the laundering process by up to 55% (from 1h to 25-30′).
  • Temperature reduction of up to 50% (from 60º to 30º)
  • Water savings of up to 56% (from consuming 300l to 200l in a 25 kg washing machine).
  • No ozone (O3) is generated.
  • Decreased fabric wear of 10-15% and lengthening of its useful life.
  • Increased system productivity as the same amount of laundry can be washed with less machinery.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions from electricity consumption of up to 51%.
  • Savings on maintenance and replacement of washing machines of up to 50%.

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