Solutions for achieving optimal air, water and disinfection quality in each space and surface.


Bio-healthy spaces

Our comprehensive customised solution with which we guarantee the cleaning, disinfection and protection of the entire space.

To do this, we combine our solutions to achieve clean, purified air throughout the environment, quality water for use and efficient consumption, surfaces and clothing that are disinfected for longer, and specialised cleaning and disinfection adapted to the needs of your space.

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Asepsis and protection of surfaces and textiles

Coatings for the disinfection and decontamination of surfaces and clothing, urban decontamination treatments and corrosion and fire protection systems.

We combine photocatalytic nanolayer technology and microbicidal coatings to achieve self-cleaning and decontamination of any surface through sunlight outdoors or ultraviolet C light indoors. We also have a specialised solution for textiles, [i]clothes, with which we guarantee that work clothes, decorative textiles and bed linen stay clean and disinfected for longer.

We also maximise the safety of surfaces and materials by applying our corrosion and fire protection treatments, thus increasing the durability, aesthetics and safety of all types of materials.

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Clean and disinfected air

Indoor photocatalytic air purification solutions.

We apply cutting-edge nanotechnology for air purification, using efficient purifiers to regenerate and improve air quality in indoor spaces. Through photocatalysis and negative ionisation technology and filtration systems such as Hepa and Activated Carbon, we eliminate viruses, bacteria, allergens and other pathogens that endanger our health.

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Quality water for use and consumption

Cleaning, treatment and filtration solutions to improve the quality, use and consumption of water while caring for the environment.

Through our solutions, we optimise processes such as laundering and swimming pool maintenance. With our GMG laundering system®, we achieve efficient laundering processes that save energy and reduce water consumption and pollution from discharges. We also have our system for ecological and bio-healthy swimming pools, with which we improve swimming pool maintenance and filtration, reducing energy consumption and wasting water.

We also apply our solutions to solve problems such as the enormous demand for irrigation, soil acidification and fertiliser pollution in aquifers in sectors such as industry and agriculture.

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Specialised cleaning and disinfection

We offer cleaning and disinfection services for companies: retirement homes, clinics, restaurants, hotels, offices and industries, and specialised cleaning services in which we use cutting-edge technology to carry out comprehensive cleaning applied to different uses or environments, such as cleaning extraction systems in industrial kitchens, so necessary to remove built up grease and prevent fire.

We also have an extensive catalogue of hygiene, cleaning and disinfection products. You can see it directly in our [i]shop.

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