360º cleaning in kitchen smoke extraction systems.

The leading cause of restaurant fires is built up grease. Highly flammable grease that gradually closes filters, extraction hood and ducts, and paralyses extraction systems, which translates not only into a high risk of fire, but also generates annoying smoke and bad odours, as well as increasing energy consumption more than is necessary.

To help you remove built up grease from industrial kitchens, we have designed [i]kitchen. Solutions designed so that the kitchens at retirement homes, university halls of residence, restaurants and hotels, educational centres such as schools and universities, and catering companies are safe and bio-healthy.


The innovation that backs up our results.

Our technical cleaning of ducts combines cutting-edge machinery, Tegras, with smart iFoam foam-forming agents and the powerful chemical, COMEGRAS, which, with the action of air and heat, generates a foam that dissolves even the most encrusted grease. It also incorporates digital tools to intelligently evaluate and measure the cleanliness of the ducts.

Scrubbing robots for ducts.

Designed to achieve the fastest and most effective cleaning possible inside extraction ducts. Comprising a compressed air system and a 25-metre long flexible hose. Thanks to the force of its powerful pneumatic motor and the injection of alkaline foam, it removes even the most resistant grease.

Active foam generators.

Our active foam and rinsing generators support maximum performance in the extraction system cleaning process. Thanks to its Multijet technology that mixes mains water (heated instantly) with a chemical and compressed air, foam generators are incorporated with an injection pump that projects the active foam onto grease surfaces.

High-impact degreaser, Comegrasbox.

For grease removal from any surface, we use the fundamental chemical action of Comegrasbox. An effective degreaser with foaming effect and high alkalinity. Its special concentrated formula facilitates the wetting, penetration and emulsification of all kinds of grease, including burnt grease.

Video-inspection systems and measuring equipment.

We have a compact, portable system to view and record the condition of the extraction system before and after the intervention, as well as gauges to determine the thickness of the grease deposits on surfaces and certify the results of an action instantly and in real time.

What does our duct cleaning method involve?

1. Foam injection.

Through the iFoam system, the active foam is projected onto grease surfaces, achieving a high degree of adherence in order for the chemical to remain on the grease.

2. Molecular dissolution.

This is the active part of the chemical solution. The effect is the molecular dissolution of grease (the dense foam dissolves and sequesters the grease). The entire process takes only 15 minutes and it can be visually checked when the white foam turns orange.

3. Rinsing with water.

Once the effect is finished, all that remains is to rinse by injecting pressurised water. This process is carried out to remove all the foam mixture with the already dissolved grease. The process achieves clean surfaces without any traces of grease.

Find out about TEGRAS technology and equipment.

Tegras Multipro

The most advanced scrubbing robot in the Tegras line that can integrate:


  • The duct video-inspection system that enables remote control and cleaning done by just one person.
  • An automatic centring system to centre the scrubbing operation in the duct for greater cleaning efficiency.

iFoam Pro

Integrated smart foam generator for cleaning extraction hoods, plenums and extraction system motors with a single device.

  • Combines 4 in 1: water, heat, chemical and compressed air with high pressure rinsing.
  • Integrated into a single compressor and an instant heating boiler.
  • Automatic regulation system to guarantee exact proportions of chemicals.


Digital thickness gauge to calculate the level of grease and determine the need for cleaning, as well as verifying the results in real time.



  • Ergonomic design and external probe.
  • Large measuring range.
  • Probe for different surfaces.
  • Calibration standards.
  • Bluetooth data transfer and data analysis software.

Tegras AR20

The ideal compressed air generator for pneumatic scrubbing robots.



  • Maximum air pressure and flow in single-phase connection.
  • Low sound level.
  • Continuous work without heating.
  • Highly portable.


Compact, portable viewing system to check the need for cleaning the ducts and demonstrate the results obtained.



  • Waterproof camera.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • 30-metre range.


Specific tools to facilitate the work to be done:

  • Cutting tools for ducts.
  • Manhole covers and drains.
  • Brushes of different materials and sizes.
  • Environmental and personal protective equipment.
  • Specific chemicals for Tegras equipment

Benefits of our specialised duct cleaning.

  • Eliminates the risk of fire and contamination from bacteria, pests and mould that are harmful to health.
  • Increases the confidence of the end user.
  • Complies with the Regulation on Thermal Installations that requires that the elements of kitchen extraction systems (extraction hood, ducts and extractor) be free of grease.
  • Prevents the production of smoke and bad odours.
  • Increases the extraction performance of the systems, reduces energy consumption and increases cost-effectiveness.
  • Increases the safety of employees by reducing the risk of accidents (falls) caused by grease on surfaces in the room.

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