The impact of our [i]solutions.

What are the different uses of our solutions? Find out how we combine our air, water and disinfection quality [i]solutions to achieve a global impact in multiple areas.



Sustainable and bio-healthy cities.

We help our clients create the cities of the future. To do this, we implement solutions that decontaminate urban air, guarantee the safety and self-cleaning of public spaces and democratise residents’ connectivity through technology.


How do we do it?

  • By applying photocatalytic nanolayers that purify the air, and clean and protect surfaces, facades and street furniture.
  • By guaranteeing the self-cleaning of static elements such as bus shelters and Street Furniture as Information Points, applying nanolayers to make them antistatic and repel dust and water.
  • By using smart street furniture that decontaminates NOx and CoV from urban air.
  • By applying coatings that protect surfaces, facades and street furniture against external agents such as corrosion, high temperatures and fire.
  • By installing air purifiers that use photocatalysis for establishments and indoor public spaces.
  • By turning public vehicle fleets into self-decontaminating vehicles.
  • By configuring WiFi and LoRa sensors for air quality and noise.
  • By monitoring and tracking the sustainability of our solutions in real time.


An efficient laundering system for large laundries.

We help our clients optimise all the resources involved in their laundry processes: water, time, chemicals and temperature, so that they achieve total disinfection while reducing their water and energy consumption, and pollution from discharges.


How do we do it?

We customise our GMG laundering system© to achieve an optimal and efficient process that is adapted to our clients’ needs, and we offer different services to improve each laundry process:

  • Textile leasing for retirement homes.
  • Fabric analysis.
  • Textile laundering audits.
  • Preventive maintenance of laundry machinery.
  • SAT laundry machinery.
  • Comprehensive social and health laundry management.

Find out why our laundering system is efficient and ecological.


Ecological and bio-healthy swimming pools.

We help our clients improve their filtration systems to save water consumption, simplify maintenance, avoid wasting water and ensure that both the inside and outside of their swimming pools are always disinfected.


How do we do it?

Through an ecological, sustainable and innovative system comprised  of:

  • Self-disinfecting filter made of recycled glass, with high longevity.
  • Natural filtration medium with ion exchange capacity.
  • Photocatalysis reactor for chemical-free swimming pool water treatment
  • Ultraphotosensitive and decontaminating nanolayer coatings for the bottom, sides, ledge and basin of the swimming pool.
  • Instant quantum bacteriological treatments.
  • Water-soluble copper and zinc additives with controlled release.

Find out what our system for bio-healthy swimming pools involves.


360º cleaning in kitchen smoke extraction systems.

We help our clients remove built up grease from their industrial kitchens to prevent fire, increase the extraction performance of the systems, reduce energy consumption and increase their restaurants’ cost-effectiveness.


How do we do it?

By offering specialised cleaning services and applying technical duct cleaning solutions with Tegras technology and digital tools to intelligently assess and measure the cleanliness:

  • Scrubbing robots for ducts.
  • Foam generators.
  • High-impact degreasers.
  • Video-inspection systems.
  • Measuring equipment.

Find out about our extraction duct cleaning method.


Bio-healthy and sustainable industrial facilities.

We help our clients reduce the impact of their industrial facilities and improve the quality of life of their professionals and the environment.


How do we do it?

  • By applying air purification solutions for inside their facilities.
  • By guaranteeing that their surfaces are clean, disinfected and protected against corrosion and fire.
  • By treating their work clothes so that they stay clean and disinfected for longer.
  • By applying filtration and treatment solutions that achieve efficient use of water in their industries .
  • By turning their vehicle fleets into decontaminating surfaces.


Efficient and sustainable agriculture.

We help our clients reduce the environmental impact of their agricultural businesses: by achieving efficient irrigation, decontaminating the air and soil, generating new water from the air to refill aquifers and reservoirs, and guaranteeing that their surfaces and materials are always disinfected.


How do we do it?

  • By applying water filtration and treatment solutions for agricultural use.
  • By turning their vehicles into self-decontaminating vehicles.
  • By applying photosensitive coatings to keep surfaces clean and disinfected.
  • By protecting their surfaces against corrosion and fire through advanced nanolayer coatings.
  • By treating their work clothes to achieve prolonged asepsis.


Facilities with energy self-supply.

We help transform our clients’ facilities so they are more efficient and environmentally friendly.


How do we do it?

Through a comprehensive energy self-supply project with zero investment:

  • Initial analysis.
  • Assessment and economic proposal.
  • Project creation.
  • Project development.
  • Delivery of facilities.

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