Ecological and bio-healthy swimming pools.

We combine our [i]water solutions for filtering and treating swimming pool water, guaranteeing ecological and sustainable swimming pools with less energy consumption, maintenance and wasted water.

We improve current filtration systems, providing efficient active filtration with ion exchange and antibiofilm capacity, new bacteriological and chemical treatments with controlled release and a photo-active decontaminating coating that guarantees that all the elements of the swimming pool are always disinfected (surfaces, filtration tank, steps etc.).


The innovation behind our [i]pool solutions.

Ultra-photosensitive nanolayers Pool-photocoat.

Advanced treatment system with solar decontamination nanotechnology through photocatalysis. It is sprayed onto the bottom and sides of the swimming pool to achieve a solar water purification effect and self-cleaning of the actual surfaces, thereby preventing the formation of a water line and the appearance of mould and algae.

Natural filtration medium (with ion exchange).

Natural active filtration medium that provides nanofiltration for maximum water transparency and multiple additional benefits to filtration, such as pH regulation and its ion exchange capacity for descaling. It also requires less backwashing of the medium and its long life (up to 5 years) represents great savings on chemicals, water, energy and maintenance.

Water-soluble antibiofilm additives (with controlled release).

This new water-soluble additive, available in several versions with Zinc, Copper and Silver, is adapted to any type of swimming pool to comply with regulations. It is applied directly mixed with the filtration medium and generates a significant antibiofilm and algaecide effect. Its long-lasting, controlled release system drastically reduces maintenance times and waste water from backwashes.

Chemical-free photocatalytic reactor.

PHOTOCAT UV technology based on the use of ultraphotosensitive Titanium Dioxide photocatalyst nanotechnology, catalysts and ultraviolet light, provides chemical-free water purification. The photocatalytic and catalytic reaction safely takes place inside the reactor to eliminate viruses, bacteria, spores and contamination caused by sunscreens or other chemicals.

Self-cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.

With proven efficacy against viruses and bacteria (H1N1, MRSA, listeria, legionella, e-coli, salmonella etc.), this advanced product, applicable as a spray, permanently disinfects through active photocatalysis technology any surface continuously, and can be applied to any area linked to the swimming pool, even in indoor spaces such as showers, changing rooms, furniture and stands if accompanied by UVC lighting.

Benefits of our system for bio-healthy swimming pools.

  • Maintains 24/7 disinfection of all elements of the swimming pool.
  • Lower energy consumption and cost of water treatment.
  • Requires less maintenance: basin cleaning, backwashing, replacement of the filtration medium, addition of salts.
  • Requires less bacteriological, algaecide and fungicide treatment with no closures.
  • Fewer electronic elements that can break and consumption.
  • Less use of aggressive and hazardous chemicals (pH regulator, self-regulates limescale, no chlorine or chloramines, reduces or eliminates flocculant and algaecide).
  • Does not modify the salinity of the water.
  • Uses nanotechnology certified by SGS.
  • Uses solar energy to purify surfaces.

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