Safe and disinfected surfaces.

Solutions for the asepsis of surfaces and clothing, gas decontamination treatments and corrosion and fire protection systems that we combine in different uses to achieve a global impact.

To guarantee the disinfection of surfaces and clothing, as well as urban decontamination, we apply photocatalytic nanolayers (multi-surface) that are activated by sunlight outdoors and high-power ultraviolet lamps on all types of indoor surfaces.

Our protective coatings encapsulate corrosion by sealing the surface of materials and stopping the action of aggressive substances; our thermal insulation coatings apply Thermal Ceramics.  An innovation developed by NASA that works as a heat shield.


The innovation behind our [i]surfaces solutions.

Photocatalytic nanolayers.

They purify the air and clean the surfaces on which they have been applied. When their photocatalytic power is activated with UV lamps or by sunlight, three highly biocidal compounds are generated: Active Oxygen, Hydroxyl Radicals and Hydroperoxide, which exert their disinfection, self-cleaning and protective power.

Hydrophobic and oleophobic nanolayers.

They protect all kinds of surfaces from oil stains and other liquids such as drinks, soft drinks, water, urine etc.

UVC lamps.

For ultraviolet lighting bactericide, we have high-power UVC towers, portable UVC lamps and energy-efficient UVC LEDs that guarantee the maximum continuous asepsis of facilities and furniture in the most advanced and efficient way possible.

Antimicrobial treatments.

Antibacterial and antiviral treatments for surfaces with internal protection against bacteria and long-lasting epidemics, deodorising and antiallergic. For a maximised antibacterial effect for clothing, we incorporate Ionic Silver as an active agent.

Nitrous Oxide emission treatments.

An effective solution that uses nano-coatings to eliminate NOx emitted by cars and industry that combines self-cleaning and anti-fungal characteristics, and contributes significantly to reducing air pollution.

Encapsulating nanolayers against corrosion.

Coatings and systems that protect surface finish by combining the exceptional properties of a special polyurethane with moisture in the air to seal the materials, triggering a treatment and conservation process that stops the action of aggressive substances.

Thermal Ceramics thermal insulation.

Thermal insulation coatings that use ceramic microbubbles to form a uniform membrane that stops thermal conductivity and reflects heat. An innovation used by NASA in the construction of heat shields for spacecraft.

Our disinfection solutions for indoor surfaces.

Coating for surface treatments with ionic silver as an active agent.

Broad spectrum antimicrobial protector as recommended by the Ministry of Health. Its high power means it can protect surfaces in hospital environments and it is so safe that it can even be used to treat children’s toys.

Ultraphotosensitive photocatalytic coating for porous surfaces.

Highly recommended for facades and other surfaces due to its self-cleaning capacity, odour elimination and decontamination of gases when in contact with sunlight.

Photocatalytic coating for painted, plastic or metal surfaces.

Highly recommended for surfaces due to its self-cleaning capacity, odour elimination and environmental decontamination, both of air and water, when it comes into contact with surfaces.

Ultraphotosensitive photocatalytic nanolayer that purifies indoor air and keeps any surface aseptic.

An effective, safe, long-lasting and 100% transparent solution that increases bio-protection levels in any space, adhering to surfaces. When its photocatalytic power is activated, it generates three highly biocidal compounds: Active Oxygen, Hydroxyl Radicals and Hydroperoxide.


[i]clothes, our specialised solution for textiles.

We apply a microbiocidal coating (endorsed by the CSIC) that guarantees asepsis of clothing of all types of fabrics so that they remain clean and disinfected for longer.


Coating that prolongs the asepsis of all types of fabrics.

This coating lasts 5 washes with a microbial reduction of 99.84% and is capable of lasting 30 washes with an average microbial reduction of 96%. Its active ingredient is ionic silver (Ag+), a highly effective, natural and broad spectrum antimicrobial, recognised and safe for human contact.

Our urban decontamination solutions.

Decontaminating, self-cleaning and protective nanolayer for facades in the sun.

This coating only requires direct sunlight to keep facades (brick, cement, porous or semi-porous) clean and purify the surrounding air.

Urban decontamination nanolayer for facades in the shade and interiors with direct light.

An ultraphotosensitive coating that acts without needing direct solar irradiation and guarantees clean facades and purification of the surrounding air.

Decontaminating, self-cleaning and protective nanolayer for plastic and metal materials.

Highly recommended for plastic and metal surfaces in the sun, it acts by purifying the surrounding air and keeping surfaces clean and free of corrosion, without needing direct solar radiation.

Our anti-corrosion and thermal insulation solutions.

Anti-corrosion coatings and protection systems:

  • Stops and protects against corrosion, encapsulation of asbestos and hazardous substances.
  • Neutralising salt remover on surfaces.
  • Protector against corrosion on wet or submerged surfaces.
  • Waterproofing systems based on polyurethane membranes.
  • Protector against highly corrosive substances.
  • Final surface protective coating and anti-graffiti system.

Fire protection and thermal insulation systems and coatings:

  • Heat insulating ceramic coating.
  • Ceramic insulator for very high temperatures (<370ºC).
  • Ceramic insulator for high temperatures (up to 150ºC).
  • Fire barrier coating.
  • Passive protector against explosions, gases and fuels.

Benefits of our [i]surfaces solutions.

  • Proven efficacy against viruses and bacteria (H1N1, MRSA, listeria, legionella, e-coli, salmonella etc.)
  • They increase the bio-protection levels of any surface, eliminate odours and keep surfaces and facades free of stains and corrosion.
  • Their active photocatalysis technology disinfects any surface continuously (24 hours a day, 365 days a year).
  • Viable treatments to solve the problem of urban pollution by means of easily applicable nanolayers and nanodispersors on the facades of buildings and street furniture.
  • They contain silver ions as an active agent. The world’s greatest disinfectant, even in the absence of light.
  • They maintain the finish of materials, protecting them against corrosion and insulating against heat and fire.
  • Coatings for any surface, with fast-drying, long-lasting, easy application and highly breathable.
  • Financial savings compared to similar products.

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