Water quality solutions.

We apply innovation and technology to achieve optimal cleaning, treatment and filtration, improving water quality while caring for the environment.

Our solutions not only improve water quality for use, but also optimise the processes in which it is involved to make them more efficient, thus saving on consumption, reducing the use of chemicals and avoiding wasting water and pollution through discharges.


The innovation behind our [i]water solutions.

Photocatalytic reactors.

To treat, clean and purify water without chemicals using ultraviolet light and Titanium Dioxide photocatalyst nanotechnology.

Advanced, ecological filtration system.

Based on recycled glass that, through the controlled release of ionic silver, achieves a self-disinfecting effect as well as guaranteeing significant savings on water, chemicals such as chlorine and electricity.

Biocidal treatments.

Instant disinfectant solutions with a broad bactericidal spectrum to achieve the best asepsis of the water and reduce chlorine levels.

Water from air generation technology.

Eco-technology solutions to reduce water consumption by producing new water through fog collection meshes or atmospheric moisture condensation, to refill aquifers and reservoirs.

Active filtration media with ion exchange.

The natural negative charge acts as a magnet for contaminants. It also regulates the pH of the water and, thanks to the ion exchange capacity, aids descaling and partial desalination, as well as enriching the water with magnesium.

Solar decontaminating coatings.

Nanolayers applied to surfaces that are in contact with water to achieve a solar purification effect, both on the water and on the surfaces themselves, thus preventing the appearance of mould and algae.


Where do we apply our [i]water solutions?

We combine our solutions to optimise and reduce water consumption in specific processes such as laundry, swimming pool maintenance, agriculture and water treatment for use in food. Find out how below.



An efficient laundering system for large laundries.

Our GMG laundering system©, certified with the ECO-TECHNOLOGY seal, successfully optimises all the resources involved in the laundering process, thus saving time, water temperature and energy. Find out more here.


A system for ecological, bio-healthy swimming pools.

A water filtration and treatment system that saves on energy consumption, reduces swimming pool maintenance and avoids wasting water, with optimal disinfection of the water and the surfaces. Find out more here.

We also apply our [i]water solutions in industries such as agriculture and food.


We combine our solutions to solve problems such as the enormous demand for irrigation, soil acidification and fertiliser pollution in aquifers. 

Through advanced, ecological treatments, we help companies and industries recover their waste water so they can use it for irrigation, thus reducing their consumption. We also have technologies for generating water from air with which we produce new water to refill aquifers, with active filtration systems and disinfectant treatments with which we improve the quality of water for use in food products.

Benefits of our [i]water solutions.

  • Save water consumption in processes such as laundering, swimming pool maintenance, irrigation and industrial production.
  • Reduce the consumption of chemicals such as fertilisers and chlorine, thus preventing pollution caused by discharges and soil acidification.
  • Improve the quality of water for use and consumption by enriching it with magnesium and guaranteeing optimal purification and purity.
  • Save energy and reduce CO2 emissions from electricity consumption.
  • Contribute to the preservation of the soil and aquifers.
  • Optimise processes and machinery to make them more efficient, agile, productive and cost effective.
  • Make use of waste water to reuse it through technological sanitation solutions.
  • Meet the sustainable development goals for clean water, sanitation and life below water.

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