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We offer customised solutions for companies and industries that want their air, water and disinfection quality to not only be optimal, but also innovative, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.

If you would like to see how we are applying our solutions to revolutionise the sectors with which we work, find out about our success stories.


[i]air solutions to improve air quality against Covid-19.


WOmum Madrid, the indoor and outdoor wellness centre for women in Madrid, sought to improve the quality of the air breathed to protect their indoor spaces against Covid-19.


We implemented an [i]air purification system with five OA240 air purifiers and one 60W UVC disinfection lamp with which to activate photocatalysis technology, thereby eliminating the spread of viruses and contaminants through the air.

[i]air solutions to improve air quality in classrooms.


CEIP Ciudad de Jaén in Madrid sought to improve the quality of the air inside their facilities to guarantee the health and safety of their students and teachers.


We implemented an [i]air purification system with four OA850H13 smart air purifiers with advanced photocatalysis and ionisation and two Sanity Air M air sterilisers to ensure the indoor air quality, even in unventilated rooms, and eliminate the spread of viruses and contaminants through the air.

[i]clean solutions for correct kitchen extraction system cleaning.


Facilities such as Grupo Casaverde, Residencia Casa Solar, Colegio Mayor Marques de la Ensenada (Alicante, Murcia, Mérida, Navalcarnero, Villamanta, Madrid etc.) require annual cleaning of the extraction systems in their kitchens to prevent the build up of grease, reduce bad odours, eliminate bacteria and reduce the risk of fire in their kitchens. Something that can be caused by incorrect cleaning of these systems.


Our professionals carried out the specialised cleaning and disinfection of the extraction systems in their kitchens using cutting-edge machinery and guaranteeing that their kitchens are safe and comply with health regulations.

[i]clean solutions for leasing clothing and laundry in retirement homes.


Rosalba Gestión, Retirement Home and Day Centre in Sevilla la Nueva (Madrid), needed to acquire all the textile supplies for their facilities: bed linen, towels, bibs, underpads, tablecloths, napkins etc.


At [i]soren, we offered them an [i]clean service for leasing clothing and we installed our efficient GMG laundering system© in their laundry.

[i]clothes solutions for the microbial protection of clothing.


Facilities such as Residencia Casaquinta in Ciempozuelos and Valdeluz Mayores in Leganés were looking for extra antimicrobial, long-lasting and effective protection for their clothing and uniforms.


We applied our treatment for textiles with the antimicrobial protector Asepticae® Textil (endorsed by the CSIC), effective for up to five washes with an average bacterial reduction of 99.99%, and capable of lasting up to 30 washes with an average bacterial reduction of 96%. In this way, we secure and disinfect both clothing and professional uniforms for the Guardia Civil police, bus drivers and distributors.

[i]laundry solutions for an efficient and environmentally-friendly laundry process.


Centres such as Grupo Casablanca (in Valdemoro, Rivas Vaciamadrid, Griñón, Talavera de la Reina and Aravaca), Grupo Rosalba (in Sevilla la Nueva), Grupo Amavir (in 44 centres in Pozuelo, Villaverde, Getafe, Usera, Patones, Torrejón de Ardoz, Alcalá de Henares, Categena, Villanueva de la Cañada, Alcorcón, Cenicientos, Valladolid, Azuqueca and San Agustín), Hidalgos de España (in Ciempozuelos and Madrid) sought to optimise their water and energy resources, and improve the efficiency and productivity of the laundries at their facilities.


We installed our efficient GMG laundering system© in their laundries, saving 56% of water consumption, 70% of energy, reducing washing time by up to 55% and achieving 51% less CO2 emissions

[i]pool solutions for creating ecological and bio-healthy swimming pools.


The City Council of Castellón de la Plana sought to convert their Olympic warm-up swimming pool into a bio-healthy and more environmentally-sustainable space.


We installed our bio-healthy swimming pool system for efficient and effective swimming pool water treatment, reducing 90% of the bromine and 100% of the chemicals used (with no need for a pH reducer and increaser, flocculant or clarifier, algaecide, chlorine or neutraliser).

[i]surfaces solutions to prevent the spread of illnesses in retirement homes.


Residencia Virgen del Pilar in Boadilla del Monte needed to ensure the disinfection and preventive protection of their surfaces against illnesses and viruses such as Covid-19.


We applied a microbial treatment with nanolayer technology for surfaces. Internal and long-lasting bio-protection against viruses, bacteria, odours and allergens for any surface.

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