Your customised solution for bio-healthy spaces.

A comprehensive solution that we adapt to your needs to guarantee the quality of air, water and disinfection of the entire environment.


We combine our solutions in a customised way to achieve:

  • Purification of indoor air and decontamination of urban gases.
  • Appropriate water treatment and filtration to improve its quality for consumption.
  • Process innovation with water to optimise its use efficiently.
  • Asepsis and disinfection of surfaces and clothing.
  • The protection of materials against corrosion and fire.
  • Specialised and customised cleaning of spaces.

Our [i]spaces solution is suitable for all types of spaces: offices and homes, retirement homes, health and education centres, laboratories, industrial buildings, hotels and restaurants, cinemas and theatres, shopping centres, gyms, supermarkets, wine cellars etc.

We customise your solution so you can achieve the optimal level of protection for your spaces.

Air always purified with [i]air.

We offer comprehensive UV light air purification systems and air purifiers for ducts or without installation required to  eliminate aerosols, viruses and bacteria. See more.

Quality water for use and consumption with [i]water.

We improve the quality of water for use and consumption through our active filtration systems, and we apply advances such as photocatalysis to optimise water and energy consumption and the use of chemicals in processes such as laundry, swimming pool maintenance and agricultural irrigation. See more.

Specialised cleaning with [i]clean.

We offer specialised and customised cleaning and disinfection services for companies, such as the cleaning of extraction ducts in industrial kitchens. We also have an extensive catalogue of hygiene, cleaning and disinfection products for your business. See more.

Surfaces that are clean and desinfected with [i]surfaces.

We apply microbicidal nanolayer coatings for increased asepsis of any surfaces and clothing, as well as for the decontamination of gases through street furniture and vehicle fleets. We also offer surface protection treatments against corrosion and fire. See more.

The results that back up our [i]space solution.

Advanced air purification.

Through the photocatalysis process, we eliminate the spread of viruses and pollutants in indoor spaces with an efficacy of up to 99.97% in the presence of people. We also decontaminate urban gases such as NOx and CoV through street furniture and vehicle fleets.

Water filtration and sanitation.

With our filtration systems, we eliminate contaminants from water as well as regulating water pH, we aid descaling and partial desalination and we enrich water with magnesium.

Antimicrobial coatings.

Through nanolayer treatments, we increase the bio-protection levels of any indoor or outdoor surfaces, and we increase the asepsis of clothing up to after 5 washes (with an average bacterial reduction of 99.94%).

Fewer chemicals

We apply innovation and technology in the optimisation of processes such as laundry, swimming pool maintenance and agricultural irrigation to reduce the use of chemicals such as chlorine and fertilisers, thus preventing pollution caused by discharges and soil acidification.

High performance protection.

We apply protection systems and treatments to prevent corrosion and fire, making surfaces and materials safer and more durable in both urban and business environments. We also avoid the risk of fire arising from lack of cleaning, as occurs in kitchen extraction systems.

Resources and energy savings

Our systems optimise resources such as water and energy, thereby reducing CO2 pollution from electricity generation and increasing the productivity of machinery that will need less maintenance, lower temperatures and less time in use.

Are you looking for an [i]space solution that adapts to your business or space?

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