Specialised cleaning and disinfection.

Specialised cleaning and disinfection solutions for all types of facilities.

We offer cleaning services for companies, guaranteeing that their spaces are safe and that they comply with health regulations, as well as an extensive catalogue of hygiene, cleaning and disinfection products that you can see directly in our [i]shop.

We also apply our solutions to different specialised cleaning uses  such as is needed for industrial kitchens.


 What does our 360º cleaning involve in smoke extraction systems?

We offer a comprehensive cleaning experience to remove built up grease from extraction systems.

We analyse the condition of the ducts with video-inspection systems, we determine the need for cleaning with digital thickness gauges and we use cutting-edge Tegras machinery and Multijet technology for the technical cleaning of ducts.

To do this, we combine scrubbing robots, smart foam-forming agents and a powerful chemical that dissolves even the most encrusted grease, and with our measurement systems we certify the final result in real time. Find out more here.

Our cleaning and disinfection services.

We offer services for businesses such as retirement homes and university halls of residence, health clinics and hotels to optimise processes such as laundry management, water quality and consumption and fabric disinfection quality.

  • Textile leasing
  • Fabric analysis
  • Water and discharge analysis
  • Textile laundering audits
  • Bacteriostatic agents
  • Preventive maintenance of laundry machinery
  • SAT dishwashing machinery
  • SAT laundry machinery

Looking for cleaning and disinfection supplies and products? Visit our [i]shop to see our complete catalogue.

  • Chemicals for laundry, cleaning surfaces, dishwashing, floor treatment, ecological cleaning etc.
  • Personal hygiene products.
  • Disposable containers, tableware and clothing: aprons, bibs, boot covers, oversleeves, caps, overalls, gowns, gloves etc.
  • Cleaning equipment, tools and machinery.

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