What cost-effectiveness and sustainability results does [i]laundry achieve?


The results of our [i]solutions are backed by trials and tests, conducted in collaboration with some of the best national and international laboratories.

We have recently conducted washing tests to check the efficiency of our [i]laundry GMG© in retirement homes in the Community of Madrid. If you would like to find out why our laundering process is our clients’ favourite, keep reading!

The GMG laundering system© reduces consumption by 65%:






  • It reduces water consumption by up to 35%, cutting down more than 100 litres of water in each laundering process.
  • It reduces time by 50%, achieving a laundering process of only 22 minutes.
  • It reduces the washing temperature, achieving the same efficiency and disinfection without exceeding 30º.

What are its cost-effectiveness and sustainability results?

Save energy and resources

By reducing the time and temperature, the efficient laundering process saves up to 75% of gas and 51% of electricity consumption.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Each kW/h not consumed in heating water and electricity consumption represents a saving of 430-450 grams of CO2.

How does it affect the washing machines?

The tests conducted on our GMG system© have verified that the efficient laundering process increases laundering productivity by 38%, thus allowing the same amount of laundry to be washed in less time.

This enables reduced machinery maintenance and, consequently, savings on replacements.

What happens with the quality of the fabrics?

In the washing tests we conduct, we carry out our fabric analysis to determine the stain removal capacity of a “traditional” laundering process compared to that achieved by our GMG system©.

To do this, we have 8 laundry samples, in which we reproduce the colours that are usually obtained with the most common types of stains and the combination of different types of dirt, both organic and inorganic.

As a result, we obtained superior whitening of the stains reproduced after subjecting the fabrics to a single laundering process with our system.

In this way, the fabric wear is reduced by 10-15%, thus extending the useful life of the clothing for longer.

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