What results does our [i]pools solution achieve?


With the assistance of our clients, our technology providers and their positive experiences, we can confirm the effectiveness of our [i]pool solutions.

Today, we are going to talk about our most recent success story; what we have achieved in an Olympic swimming pool in Castellón. Thanks to the before and after, we have been able to measure its success in figures and recognise the results in terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Keep reading and find out about the impressive results!

Thanks to our [i]pool solutions, we have successfully optimised.

The filtration

  • We provide more sustainable active filtration through a natural active zeolite filtration medium.
  • This active filtration system of high purity and porosity lets us filter the water by trapping all contaminants without requiring excessive use of chemicals or extra energy.
  • The water-soluble additive B15 helps to clean the filtration medium, preventing it from clogging and thus increasing its useful life and producing savings in water and energy consumption.

What are the results?

  • It self-regulates the pH at 7.7.
  • Valves and tubes free of limescale
  • Seven times less filtration medium washing, thus saving and reducing the consumption of water and electricity.

The surfaces

  • We bio-protect the surfaces of the swimming pool and its surroundings through the application of photocatalytic nanolayers and the production of oxygen free radicals that eliminate bacteria, viruses, algae and mould on all surfaces of the swimming pool basin.
  • The application of photocatalytic and photoactive nanolayers by artificial UVC and solar irradiation achieves a reduction in the consumption of chemicals while protecting swimming pools against the presence of microorganisms.

What are the results?

  • The water is more crystal clear.
  • Slime and cyanobacteria disappear.
  • A marked reduction in the use of chemicals for swimming pool maintenance.
  • Savings in the maintenance of swimming pool furniture, changing rooms, gyms, stands etc.
  • The speed is increased and the resources used to clean the establishment are minimised.

The water

  • The use of nanolayers applied throughout the entire swimming pool area optimises the disinfection of the swimming pool water, while reducing the use of chemicals, thanks to the photocatalysis generated by sunlight or UVC irradiation.
  • By means of quantum disinfection, it is possible to purify the water sustainably, eliminating up to 99.9999% of microorganisms.

What are the results?

  • Cleaner water for longer.
  • Less need for filter maintenance.
  • Savings in chemicals to purify the water.
  • Less contamination by chemical residues.

With our [i]pool solutions for ecological and bio-healthy swimming pools, we have successfully optimised:

The energy consumed

  • Energy savings in swimming pool filtration pumping due to the reduction in backwash times.
  • The time spent in the use of machinery for cleaning the swimming pool area is reduced, consequently, the energy cost is lower.
  • Due to the reduction in backwash times in the filtration system, a saving of 1327000 l water per year has been quantified, thus increasing the sustainability of the water footprint. At the same time, saving said amount of water, which would otherwise be discarded, also directly causes savings in water heating. This represents a saving of 85.71% of the water used during filtration system backwashing over a year.

The water consumed

  • The filtration system requires fewer washes, consequently, seven times less water is discarded.
  • The investment in chemicals to keep the swimming pool crystal clear is greatly reduced.
  • It avoids health problems associated with the use of chemicals.

Maintenance times

  • Both the time and the economic cost of maintenance work and the use of chemicals for water treatment (showers, bathrooms and furniture) are reduced.
  • Thanks to the use of photoactive nanolayers, the use of chemicals in cleaning is reduced.

What are its sustainability and cost-effectiveness results?

Sustainability: (social, economic and environmental)

  • Water from swimming pools with [i]pools technology can be reused and, therefore, has an increased useful life
  • The use of chemicals is reduced, and hence also the indirect pollution that can pass into the environment.
  • The reduced use of chemicals means a reduction in the carbon footprint of these industries and the transport of the same products.
  • The use of the filter pumping system decreases, which represents a saving in the thermal energy used in heating the water for Hot Water Systems and the swimming pools and facilities heated.

Cost effectiveness: (economic side of sustainability)

  • The investment in chemicals for cleaning and water treatment throughout the facilities is drastically reduced.
  • The energy costs associated with water consumption are reduced.
  • Maintenance is more efficient, which reduces staff and equipment costs.

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